Kings of Leon – Birmingham

Last night, I was lucky enough to see Kings of Leon on their WALLS tour in Birmingham. I have wanted to see them live for such a long time, the songs “Use Somebody” and “On Call” have been favourites of mine since I was in my early teens.

The album WALLS came out in October last year and created quite the stir amongst KOL fans. We were all desperate to hear new music from the band, who decided to have a three year break to reconnect as a family and also with their music. After seeing whats happened to Oasis and the Gallagher brothers, I fully endorse these boys taking a break – we want them to stick around for as long as possible!


The new album has not disappointed and neither have the live performances. Being that this was my first Kings of Leon show, I was hoping for a mixture of classic songs but also a chance to hear some of my favourites from WALLS. The twenty-seven song set list provided all of this in abundance. I walked out of the Genting Arena with a totally complete feeling. I feel like this set list was perfect for me and I couldn’t find any gaps where I was left thinking “I really wished they had played this song.”

genting arena sky.jpg

I thought the show Kings of Leon put on last night was incredible. The staging was simple, it started of really small, shrouded in curtains and ambient red light as the band opened with ‘The End’ (which is weird to write!). I think this gave an intimate feel to their performance, which would have been reminiscent of seeing them perform in much smaller venues when they were just starting out as a band. I think to be able to achieve this effect in a 15, 700 seated arena is quite the achievement! Then as the evening went on the stage space got larger, which made way for more screens and levels for the band to perform around. The animations on the screen and the way it paired with the lighting was great. I think it was most effective on ‘Find Me’ when the footage showed blurred people with torches looking for something as spotlights scanned the crowd.


A really beautiful moment of the night was roughly half way through the show, when the curtains were drawn and Caleb stood in solitude on the stage performing a rendition of the title song, ‘WALLS’. After the heavy drums and racing guitar of their other hits, it made the acoustic performance even more standalone.

I think my favourite songs of the night were: Find Me, On Call, Closer, Conversation Piece and obviously Sex on Fire and Use Somebody! You can scroll down for a full set list of the night – I know some people don’t like reading them as it is a bit like spoilers!

kol 2.jpg

It’s fair to say, today I  am having to cope with the dreaded ‘Post-Gig Blues’:

def. The feeling of sadness after going to an amazing concert. Usually you feel like your life purpose is now fulfilled after seeing your favourite band. It  can also stem from fear that you might not see that band for a long time. 

Kings of Leon fully lived up to what I dreamed they would be like and so much more. I am delighted I got to see the band at such an exciting time for them, I am really pleased they’re back. For everyone that is going to see them on this tour, you are in for an amazing time and I envy you!

Thank you for reading my blog, be sure to check out my Instagram page as I have been posting videos of the night there – with more to come!

If you haven’t done so already, do give the album WALLS a listen, its great.

Set List:

  1. The End
  2. Slow Night, So Long
  3. McFearless
  4. Four Kicks
  5. Muchacho
  6. Molly’s Chamber
  7. Eyes on You
  8. The Bucket
  9. Over
  10. Fans
  11. Sex on Fire
  12. The Runner (Acoustic)
  13. Comeback Story (Acoustic)
  14. WALLS (Acoustic)
  15. Find Me
  16. Radioactive
  17. On Call
  18. Reverend
  19. The Immortals
  20. Closer
  21. Crawl
  22. Pyro
  23. Conversation Piece
  24. Supersoaker
  25. Waste a Moment
  26. Use Somebody
  27. Around the World



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