Review: The Sunday Times Travel Magazine

This week I thought I would do a review of The Sunday Times Travel Magazine. This is a monthly magazine, packed full with interesting destinations and incredible images. I started reading this magazine around a year ago. The first thing that caught my eye, when it was sitting on the shelf, was the front cover. Having collected many editions of this magazine over the last year, I can tell you that they never disappoint. The photos are crisp, bright and captivating.


The edition I will be reviewing today is the one for April 2017. The cover promises articles on, New York, Cruise FAQs, Foodie Barcelona (which sounds great to me!) and the Med’s Quiet Isles. I won’t be talking through all of these, instead I will be highlighting my favourite parts of the magazine. But if you like the sound of those headings, go out and buy the magazine. It is priced at £4.20, but I borrowed mine through my local library so you may be able to find it there too!

new york.jpg

My Top Three Features:

1. I am a huge fan of the photos used in this magazine and at the start of every months issue they have three double page spreads focusing on a beautiful image and explaining it to us. This feature is entitled ‘Take Me There’ and I feel like this is really apt. The pictures are so stunning you really feel like you can dive right into them and start an adventure. My favourite from this month is of the Havasu Falls in Arizona, I think the contrast between the colours of the rock and the crystal blue waters is beautiful.


2. If you’re like me, and prefer to dive in and out of a magazine, instead of reading it in full in one sitting, you will love the ‘Instant Escapes’ section. I find this bit really motivating and inspires me to want to travel more. It breaks down every aspect of the holiday, from flights to what the location has to offer. It even has a small segment titled ‘Ask The Local’ which provides realistic advice for new travellers. A place I would like to visit, based on this months section is Geneva. Julia Pleynes, a local of Geneva, recommends picking up a free train fare, at the airport on your arrival, instead of paying for a taxi into the city as they can be expensive. Perfect advice!


3. The Big Trip section of the magazine is a selection of different travel writing pieces where writers go into a lot more detail about the entirety of their trips. I enjoy these pieces as they often feel like a diary or story. You really get taken away on the journey with them. The descriptions are often so beautiful and it makes perfect reading for a rainy day!


Where Has It Inspired Me To Go?

I think this month the location that really caught my eye was Patagonia. As I was flipping through the pages I saw a picture of a guanaco (similar to a llama) and a penguin in the same picture and really this was enough to have me sold. Another thing that grabbed my attention was the change in landscapes that this country has to offer, some parts are lush and green, whilst others are mountainous and dry. And although the traveller (Alex Robinson) witnessed some appalling weather on the trip, they ended the piece with “The journey had been spectacular, but on a storm-swept rock at the southern tip, I felt this was the crowning moment. I was at the end of the world – and over the moon.” Which felt like very high praise indeed!


Why Should You Read It?

I think this magazine provides a lot of escapism from the every day. I like to read this magazine when I have a tough week, as the thought of travelling somewhere new really excites me. It also reminds me to keep working hard so that I can travel and see as many amazing places as I can.

I hope you like my review, if you do please give it a like and leave a comment of your favourite magazine (travel or otherwise!) I’ll be interested to see what you like too!



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