Paultons Park

I was scrolling through an album on Facebook and found some really old pictures of me and my friends at Paultons Park and wanted to use them in a post. So thought, why not do that today!


For those of you who don’t know, Paultons Park is a family theme park situated on the South Coast of England. It is really close to home for me, so I have visited a lot times during my life.

The park has undergone some amazing face-lifts recently. They are always striving to compete with the ‘big’ theme parks in England e.g. Thorpe Park, but also try and maintain that family friendly edge that made Paultons so popular in the first place. Today I am going to talk you through the parts of the park, and some of my favourite rides!



One thing I love best about Paultons Park is their attention detail. A lot of the new rides and lands they are building are incredibly well themed. Magma really impressed me when it first opened. The ride itself is a classic drop ride, it takes you incredibly high into the air then drops you suddenly. However a special twist to this is that it also spins you as you drop. Magma is designed to look like a volcano, and as you queue up you go through the rock underneath the ride. There is even a little dinosaur surprise in there which is cool. It ties in really well with the new addition to the park which is the Lost Kingdom.

Lost Kingdom

jeep ride.jpg

The Lost Kingdom is a themed land based all around Dinosaurs. After the introduction of Peppa Pig World a few years ago, I think it was about time the park did something for the older children as well. This bit of the park is home to the biggest and scariest rides you will find.

  My favourite ride is the new Flight of the Pterosaur. This was my first ever experience on a suspended roller coaster and I was incredibly nervous. However, as you can see by my reaction in the third image I quickly became comfortable with it. I really loved this because it did feel like you were flying. It is fast paced and I went on it about four times in a row (mainly to get a nice picture, because I failed every time!)

Peppa Pig World

It would be impossible to do a post about Paultons Park and not mention the infamous Peppa Pig World. This part of the park arguably draws the most crowds. The whole area is incredibly cheerful and jam packed with Peppa Pig memorabilia. You can go in the characters houses and there are some more gentle rides that you can share with the younger children. It’s a really lovely section and I always make an effort to wander round when I go to Paultons.

peppa pig.jpg

Victorian Double Decker Carousel


Of course there are some more relaxed rides at the park and this is one of the best. The Victorian Double Decker Carousel is a quirky twist on a classic ride. I don’t think any day out to a theme park is complete without a spin on a carousel!


There are also parts of the park where you can see lots of different animals. My personal favourites are the penguins (simply because they are my favourite animal!), the meerkats and the area in Critter Creek where you can see bugs, fish and reptiles. This area really pushes you to get up close to lots of bugs. As you can see in the picture I am putting my head in the glass dome to get a closer look at some crickets! I enjoyed this until I hit my head on the dome and all the crickets fell around it. I jumped quite a bit! It looked like they were coming right at me and I felt like I was on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Raging River

raging river.jpg

The Raging River is another classic theme park ride. The photo opportunity on this ride makes for some brilliant memories. It is a good idea to watch out for where the cameras are, then you can get really creative with your poses!

dragon ride.jpg

There are lots of other amazing rides at the park, but these are just some of my favourites! Special mention to rides such as The Cobra (which I do have a hilarious picture of, but my friends would kill me if I posted it) and also the newly designed Cat-o-Pillar (formerly the Stinger) for being brilliant rides that have been there through childhood and still remain fantastic today!

Hope you like this post, and if you want to visit Paultons Park do click on the link to find out more. I thoroughly recommend visiting!


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