Where In The World – The Deep South

This is a section of my blog I will be doing once every month from this point on. ‘Where In The World’ will be about the holiday locations that have caught my attention recently or have always been on my Bucket List. This particular example falls into the latter and is one of those that has been permanently fixed at poll position on my Bucket List.

I will talk you through what interested me when researching and what websites I used to find the best advice on travelling there. Hopefully you may feel inspired too – if you are do leave a comment below!

My family and friends know, full well by now, that I have a quirky taste in pretty much anything. I love country music, Jack Daniels, Conspiracy Theories and anything from the 1950’s or 1960’s. It seemed only natural that I look to the American South for holiday ideas and here is what I found!


After reading up about different places you can visit in the Deep South, I think Nashville probably offers me a lot of what I want. The day trips here include the Johnny Cash Museum, which for me would be the most amazing place to visit. I am a huge Johnny Cash fan and really admire his work, so to be able to go there and really immerse myself in that culture would be fascinating. But you can also go to the Grand Ole Opry, which boasts an incredible line-up of live country music with multiple shows every week. Whilst you’re there they also offer Backstage Tours and In Store signings which will be fun to look out for, you never know who you could meet! It goes without saying that Nashville is also home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, where you can see lots of exhibits about famous country musicians such as The Carter Family, Dolly Parton and lots more.

Nashville is also a great location for other live music acts. A lot of the bars there often offer shows to homegrown bands. If you’re anything like me, I love watching live performances much more than listening to them on radio so this would be a good night out for me. I really admire the fact they are encouraging local talent as well, especially in such a musically rich location, I think it would be brilliant to see these performers.

(Its also worth noting here that the Jack Daniels Distillery is a short trip away from Nashville!)

jack  daniels.jpg


Also in the state of Tennessee you have Memphis. Here you can continue your musical ventures of the American South by visiting Graceland, the infamous home of Elvis Presley. Memphis, much like Nashville, is world renowned for its live music venues and incredible bars. You can also visit the Sun Studio, which is where the Million Dollar Quartet was recorded. For any music lover, this recording is a huge deal! It’s an infamous (and impromptu) recording session with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. This session has gone on to inspire a musical show, with the same name.

Alongside its highly credited music status, Memphis is also famous for its amazing food. If you love BBQ then this is certainly the place to go.

New Orleans

I have always been fascinated with the idea of New Orleans. From what you see on the television it seems like a mixing pot of lots of different cultures, sounds and food. After visiting cities with museums and bars, it may be nice to take a trip to the ‘Big Easy’ for a carnival-like atmosphere. New Orleans is one of America’s most exotic and laid back cities. You can also visit some incredible nature reserves. Being located near the famous Mississippi river you are guaranteed to see lots of interesting creatures in the bayous!

New Orleans is famed for it’s hospitality and amazingly good food. The taste you will find there is a mix of Cajun and Creole cuisine. It was recommended on nearly every site I visited that you need to try the world famous Jambalaya! By looking at the pictures you can get a real sense of the culture in New Orleans, it looks rich and decadent and I would really love to visit! There is also a chance to learn about the history of Voodoo, which I think sounds brilliant.


Thank you very much for reading this post! If you have been to any of the places mentioned in this post, do share a comment about your stay there. As I said this will be a monthly post aimed to inspire you to visit new places, so here are the websites I used to see what the locations had to offer, Virgin Holidays and Thomas Cook.

I will be back next month with a whole new location for us to explore together!


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