My Best Gigs

The world of music really excites me this year. With a new song from Lana Del Rey, a whole album from Kasabian, alongside rumours from a lot of my favourite bands, I think it’s going to turn out a brilliant year.

I wanted to take the time to reflect on the best gigs I have been to. These are in no particular order as they were all incredible shows. I can never pick which one was the best, but I will try and explain why each one was special to me.

The Killers – 2013

the killers

I was so fortunate to see The Killers at Wembley Stadium during their Battle Born tour in 2013. The Killers are my favourite band and seeing them at such an iconic venue made it even more special for me. I am a huge football fan so any excuse to be at Wembley is always welcomed! Due to the size of the venue, the band were able to put on a really impressive show, with fireworks and confetti cannons.


Kasabian – 2014


Kasabian was such a wild night. I was so impressed with their energy and also the staging for this particular show was really cool. I loved this album (48:13) and the style that Kasabian had alongside it.

kasabian 1

Kaiser Chiefs – 2015

kaiser chiefs.jpg

Ricky Wilson is an incredible front man, his use of the stage was insane. His energy was crazy. The staging allowed him to climb and be nearer to fans sat higher up which was great. I always remember at one point during the show he disappeared off the stage and turned up at the back of the crowd! Everyone’s reaction was brilliant. It was great to see someone so famous really interact with their fans.


Brandon Flowers – 2015


This concert is always very special to me. As I mentioned earlier I am a huge fan of the Killers, so I was desperate to see front man Brandon Flowers on his solo tour. Unfortunately, all the tickets had sold out – or so I thought. However, Summer came and my parents surprised me with a trip to Birmingham and the day before we went they left three tickets for Brandon Flowers show on my bed. I thought it was a joke! And then once I realised it was happening I went into meltdown, I wasn’t even aware my parents knew the tickets had been released. 2015 was a rough year for me, as I was really unwell, but the hospital agreed that I could go to the gig so that was very special. The 02 Academy in Birmingham is also a small venue, I couldn’t believe I was that close to Brandon!

brandon flowers.jpg

Kings of Leon – 2017

kol header image.jpg

I only saw Kings of Leon this year, so the memory of it is really fresh in my head. I also did a blog post about the whole show in more detail, so if you want to check that out take a look here. The one thing I loved about this show is the real variety it offered. Kings of Leon performed a huge mix of songs and the staging was really interesting. It made Β for a brilliant night!

kol 3.jpg

I would thoroughly recommend going to see any of these bands/artists live. They all put on amazing shows, and ones that have stuck with me. This year I am going to see The Killers again in the summer, when they perform at British Summertime in London, so expect a blog post about that too!

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