Having just finished my second year at University, I thought I would do a blog post featuring the beautiful city that I study in.

The sun was shining in southern England today so I managed to get some great photos.

Over the summer, I will be able to do a lot more posts tracking my travels and now my work is complete I can put more time into creating content for the blog.

river walk.jpg

Winchester is a small, and relatively rural city. It can be busy at times, especially when the various markets come to town. But the architecture and cultural elements keep it heavily rooted in its country style roots. It isn’t plastic and corporate looking, like a lot of other cities, but has it’s own charm.


By taking a short walk away from the High Street, you can find yourself in beautiful countryside like this. This area of Winchester is known as the Water Meadows. You follow a gravel walkway alongside a river. The path is dotted with benches so you can relax and enjoy the nature.


There have always been cows grazing every time I have done this walk. For me this is lovely, as I am from the New Forest it reminds me a lot of home. This is a fun area to get out and explore. I have found it especially useful recently as I have had a lot of deadlines. It is a great place to take your mind off the stress.

st cross.jpg

At the end of this walk you will find the Hospital of St Cross. You can pay to have a look round this wonderful area, I am yet to do that, but will definitely do it in the future. If you are in Winchester and are interested in history I would plan a stop here. Take a look at their website for more information.


Obviously, a main attraction of Winchester is the Cathedral. It boasts being one of the largest Cathedrals in Europe and is certainly worth a visit. Inside you can be given a guided tour, which is full of brilliant information. My favourite bit of the tour is going into the Crypt, where you can see a magnificent sculpture that gets surrounded by water as the Cathedral gets a little flooded during different seasons. Take a look at the website if you would like to visit.


If you are interested in culture, look out for little signs of the past that Winchester has to offer. They are scattered throughout all the side streets and avenues of the city. Jane Austen and her work is incredibly important to Winchester and the surrounding communities. Near the Cathedral you can see the house where she lived at the end of her life. The plaque outside indicates that she also died whilst living in this house. As I study Creative Writing I find it so fascinating that such a significant author walked around the same places I do now. I find a lot of inspiration in it.

jane austen

Around the Cathedral you will also find a mix match of different housing styles. A lot of the homes in Winchester resemble cottages and grand town houses. However, as I have an eye for the slightly unusual, my favourite house is this one pictured below. It looks like a house that belongs in a fairy-tale!

tudor house

It is brilliant to visit Winchester in the Summer months as there are lots of beautiful plants and trees. The blossom I saw on my walk today was so colourful, and with the sun out it felt like a proper Summers day.

blossom tree.jpg

Take a look at my Flickr album as I will update it with new Winchester pictures as I take them, but also include some of my old ones too.

That is the end of my post, if you would like to visit here or have visited leave a comment below. As I mentioned at the start I will be able to devote more time to my blog now assignments are done and I have finished for Summer, so if you have any suggestions of what I could write about let me know.

I will end this post with a lovely quote that I found today.

Thank you for reading.

jane austen quote

Know your own happiness. Call it hope. – Jane Austen


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