In England, we had the most amazing weather over the weekend. Considering it is only April, it was so warm it felt like summer.

This will be a little post as I wanted to highlight a beautiful part of the South Coast called Sandbanks. It is considered the fourth most expensive area to live in the whole world. The houses there were absolutely stunning and looked right out onto the sea. It is clear why the area has been nicknamed ‘England’s Palm Beach’.


It is a fantastic area to go if you like water-sports. As it is a tourist area there are so many opportunities to try lots of fun things. Whilst I was there I saw people do kayaking, wind surfing, sailing and jet skiing.


From Sandbanks you can also get a small ferry over to Swanage, so that you can continue exploring the South Coast. On the ferry you can take your car or just travel on foot, it isn’t expensive so I would recommend making this journey if you want a proper adventure.


Around this area you have the opportunity to see a lot of wildlife. Naturally, you would expect there to be seagulls. But you could also try fishing or crabbing to see what you can find.


This was my first time in Sandbanks and I definitely want to go back there one day. As I mentioned earlier, it is well set up for tourists and holiday-makers, so there are lots of cafes and places to relax. I would recommend you making a visit there if you can.

I am going to plan more blog posts this week. But I hope you enjoyed this post for now, as I couldn’t carry on without mentioning what a lovely place it was.Β If you have any suggestions for posts please let me know.

Thank you for reading, check out my Instagram as I will be posting some videos of my day there!



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