Easter Gift Ideas

With Easter quickly approaching, I thought I would put together a post of some gift ideas that you could easily make for friends and family this year.

While the religious meaning of Easter can’t be ignored, for me this time of year also symbolises the start of Spring. All around, you begin to see pastel colour displays in the shops, baby animals in the fields and lots of beautiful flowers. I wanted to base my Easter gifts around these themes, I hope you like what I created.

group image.jpg

Here is an overview of the things I made and found.

I wanted to cater to everybody’s tastes, as not everybody agrees with having chocolate at Easter. However, for all the chocolate lovers out there, it is a good chance to get your hands on some lovely creations and try some new flavours. Why not treat yourself. It is wise to shop around. You can often find dupes for a lot of chocolates depending on how much you want to spend. Obviously, Thornton’s is the place to go if you want to make an impression, but a lot of supermarkets including Lidl and Aldi do a great range of cheaper chocolate. So you can always find someone a gift.

chocolate bunny.jpg

I also love making crafts, as a lot of people know! So if you want to show someone just how much you care, you could try making them something from scratch. I love doing decopatch, I get all my materials from Hobbycraft (that shop is heaven to me!). I make a lot of items throughout the year, so I have a bank of gifts stored up for when I need them. Today I found this bucket filled with paper straw and a heart decoration that I thought would be a lovely gift for someone this time of year. I made the flower decoration in the picture below today, I think the colours are perfect for Spring.

flower and card

Something simple can mean a lot to someone. I think if you are struggling for time or funds a simple card can be a great gift. I found a paper set that I bought from Hobbycraft last year, called Folk Floral and thought it would look beautiful for the Spring/Easter vibe I was going for. If you have young children cards are very fun to make with them as it is a simple task with an amazing outcome. From doing this easy activity you can teach children the power of giving and how brilliant it can make you feel to do something kind for someone else.

heart and chocolate.jpg

There are different variations of gifts you can give to people this time of year. You could even try merging a few of these ideas together to make the ultimate Easter gift.

Whatever your feelings are towards Easter or religion itself, you could use these ideas any time of year and they still make perfect gifts. It’s all about little ideas to show someone you care.

If you have any suggestions of gifts that you have given or received that have stood out to you, leave them in the comments!

Whatever you get up to, have a brilliant weekend!


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