Liverpool, The Beatles & Me

I went to Liverpool in 2012, five years ago now and I am dying to go back again. I stayed there for a weekend, and over that weekend packed in as many Beatles experiences as I possibly could.


Walking into the Beatles Story Museum was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I have always loved the Beatles and their music, so much so my friends at school thought I was a bit crazy when I had posters of Paul McCartney and George Harrison on my wall instead of the boys of One Direction. But I couldn’t help it. The Beatles music spoke volumes to me and I wanted to learn more about them.


Being surrounded by the many artefacts of this museum was astounding. It was an incredible feeling to be near the authentic musical instruments, clothes and other items that were important to The Beatles progression as a band during the 1960’s.


The layout of the museum took you on a chronological journey through the decade. The decoration in each section allowed you to fully immerse yourself into the history and feel as though you were experiencing the Beatles as if their rise to fame was happening right in front of your eyes. My favourite bit was being able to go in the Yellow Submarine, as I thought this was a really fun idea. If you are taking young children to this museum they will not get bored as colourful scenes like this will really keep them occupied. There are also sections of the museum designed for young children where they can be a bit more involved. What more of an excuse do you need to raise a new generation of Beatles fans?


Of course, there were some incredibly poignant parts of the museum where you could reflect on what the Beatles meant to you as a fan and what their songs messages really were. I think the most upsetting was being in the room decorated like the Imagine video. The lyrics to the song were stencilled onto the wall and served as a great reminder for me to consider what is really important in life.


Even if you aren’t a fan of the Beatles I think anyone will enjoy this museum as it teaches you a lot more about society at the time of the 1960’s but also the growth and development of the music industry itself. The museum is situated in the beautiful and historic Albert Dock area so you are close to the great culture that Liverpool city centre has to offer. Look out for elements of the city’s musical history wherever you go as you’ll be amazed by the details scattered around.


On the second day, I went on the Magical Mystery Tour which took me round all the streets of Liverpool pointing out different places that were important to the Beatles. This was a great way to understand their story as you could see it live in front of you. It was fun taking some of the information I learnt in the museum and using it to put together pieces on the coach tour. The coach tour took us to important places like John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi’s house (seen above), the childhood homes of the other Beatles, the Cavern Club, Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane.


When I was in the Cavern Club a singer was performing acoustic versions of Beatles hits which was quite emotional as well. Although this isn’t the original club, as it got knocked down a long time ago, a replica was rebuilt in the exact style just across the road, it still had an incredible effect over me. During the whole tour it was so easy to imagine a young Paul and John writing songs in Aunt Mimi’s porch totally unaware of what success they were going to get in later life. Similarly, the Cavern Club made me feel an immense sense of jealousy, how in the 1960’s people were able to see the Beatles perform just down the road and make friends with them. As the Beatles are so prominent in society it was hard to ever picture them as a ‘small band’ but understanding more about their strive to become a success during this trip made them seem even more real.

This trip acted as a bit of a musical pilgrimage for me. My understanding and love for the Beatles only grew from this point and I want to go back and delve into the madness once more. Maybe even stay in the city for a bit longer and see more of the culture that it has to offer.


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