Where In The World – Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands have always been on my bucket list of places to visit. However, with there being so many islands to choose from, I have never been able to settle on one.

So for this months Where In The World post, I decided to make a quiz to help us all find our dream Hawaiian Island. Follow the link here to do the short quiz and find out which island is for you!

Quiz Link

If you would like to find out more about the Island you have been given or just educate yourself about the different islands, keep reading!

For this post I have used Virgin Holidays to research different activities. I will pop a link in each section so you can continue looking it up if you are interested.



Oahu is home to potentially the most well known places out of all the islands, Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. It is a very active island that encourages a lot of adventure, perfect for adreneline junkies or people wishing to break out of their comfort zone. The top attractions suggested by Virgin Holidays are doing a shark cage dive, snorkelling, going to the Wet N Wild Waterpark or learning Tai Chi.

Hawaii Island (The Big Island)

This island is home to the Hawaiian Monarchy so provides you with a lot of opportunity to indulge in culture. Why not visit the Palace Theatre or check out the many museums and art galleries this island has to offer. This island will allow you to completely switch off and if you enjoy being creative the scenery will give you some exceptional inspiration. Virgin recommends doing a hike to make the most of the landscapes or climbing Mauna Kea to see the beautiful sunrise or do stargazing.



This island is known as the Garden Isle and is a nature lovers ideal place to be. The island is steeped in mystery and mystical legend, making it a very interesting place to go on holiday. Virgin Holidays suggests visiting the sacred stones at Hauola City of Refuge and Hikinaakala Heiau. Or why not take an eco-tour of the Wailua River. Look out for some of the islands shipwrecks and authentic Hawaiian dancers. This island promises to give you an authentic Hawaiian experience steeped in myth.


This island is the pinical of romantic getaways. It is a perfect honeymoon destination or couples holiday as it is considered the most magical of the Hawaiian Islands. Virgin recommends doing some couples themed excursions like the Maui Chocolate Tour and make your own chocolate on site. Similarly, you could visit the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum and learn about the history of sugarcane. Alongside learning about the history of the island, you could learn to hula dance and swim with sea turtles.


In the UK we are 11 hours in front of Hawaii, USA. The climate in the Hawaiian Islands doesn’t really change a great deal and is pretty consistent through Summer (May to October) and Winter (November to April). The average summer day is 29.4 C and the average winter day is 25.6 C. The weather in the Hawaiian islands is localised, which means if it is raining where you are, a short drive away there will be sunshine. This is what makes the islands so great for adventure, if you want to get out and explore following the sunshine around will be a great way to do it.

After doing all this research I think that Hawaii Island (The Big Island) would be the best for me. I think it provides a great mix of relaxation and things to do. Having said that the mystery of Kauai also sounds very intriguing.

I hope this post has inspired you to visit Hawaii! Let me know which island you got given in the quiz and if you agree, or would rather visit somewhere else!


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