Shuffle: 5 Songs

I am a huge fan of music. I have quite an eclectic taste and my Spotify playlist has exactly 602 songs that I claim are my favourites.

I say ‘claim’, because I am incredibly fickle. One day, Mr Brightside comes on and I’m like, “Yes, this is the best song ever, 10/10, my favourite song!” and in ten minutes time I will be listening to the Beatles and will say the same thing. I am just so passionate about my favourite artists and their songs.

So I thought I would start a series called Shuffle. I have put my playlist on shuffle and wrote down the first five songs that came up. Here they are:

  1. Bring Me The Horizon – Oh No – I can’t exactly say that I am a fan of the heavy rock songs by BMTH. However, the more modern stuff they have released has a more alternative/indie feel to it and I love it. I think Bring Me The Horizon have brilliant messages and stories within their songs and it makes their music interesting to listen to.
  2. The Killers – Change Your Mind – This song comes from my favourite Killers album. Hot Fuss (released 2004) has a more energetic synth sound, heavily influenced by 80’s music, but the band were still aware of the need to break into the modern music charts. Obviously, we know how that ended. This album is more famous for Somebody Told Me and Mr Brightside which are now known as classic songs. If you are a fan of the Killers more popular music, I would definitely give this song (and album) a listen.
  3. Hozier – Take Me To Church – Anyone that knows me well, knows I am a huge fan of lyrics within a song. I think what Hozier has done in this song is very beautiful. He uses themes of the church and religion to tell a completely different story of a couples relationship. The imagery he creates along with his powerful voice is a great combination.
  4. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Everybody’s On The Run – Like most people, I am a huge fan of Oasis. I was intrigued by Noel Gallagher’s solo material, I hoped and prayed it would have the same power and anthem-like sound that Oasis songs had. This is the first song on the album, and therefore the first of his solo work that I ever heard. The long and steadily building intro caught my attention, I was nervous. Would I like it? Then, Noel’s voice came in and I was immediately calm. Of course I was going to like it, the mans a genius!
  5. Love Affair – Everlasting Love – This is a prime example of where my taste becomes more eclectic. I am a huge lover of sixties music, and there is a smattering of songs from the 1960’s throughout my playlist. I think this song is fantastic, a brilliant sing-along song, drunk karaoke and wedding classic. It’s a fun romance song and I think it is one everyone knows and loves.

I hope you liked this post. It is something I will be doing more of in the future, as I have over 600 songs to talk about, there is certainly a lot of content!

I have done some more music based reviews, I saw Kings of Leon in February this year, check out that post here. And I have also done a count down of my favourite gigs, you can find that here.

What songs are your favourites?


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