Review: Buzzfeed Unsolved

Today, I wanted to talk to you about a new YouTube series I have discovered quite recently. The Buzzfeed: Unsolved series has had me gripped for the last few weeks. If you love paranormal investigation and conspiracy theories then this could be a show for you.


Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej

First and foremost, this show is made incredible because of it’s creators and presenters. I think the friendship that these two have is very important to the show. Obviously, as viewers we tune in because the subject matter or title has caught our attention, but Ryan and Shane make you want to stick around and watch more.

I think what makes this series better than other televised shows is their differing views on the subjects. I think this is more evident on the Paranormal Investigation episodes as Ryan is a full believer and Shane is a complete sceptic. Although they have completely polarised opinions they are able to hold debate and play devils advocate with each other.


Episode: Three Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons (Series 1, Episode 2)

I think what makes this show so much better than others is that they don’t go out of their way to seek paranormal evidence. I know what a lot of people think, as soon as people go out ghost hunting, the words ‘fake’ and ‘lies’ get thrown around incredibly quickly. But these two presenters aren’t out to get concrete evidence. They are content in just exploring the locations and sharing stories and theories of what has taken place there. In some episodes there are creepy and unexplained things that happen, however a lot of the time they leave the buildings with nothing. And that isn’t a problem. As a viewer, I think it is more important to get a truthful and fun experience, instead of be lied to just for entertainment value.


Episode: The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel (Series 1, Episode 4)

I like the moments where their conversations are typed up on screen. I think as a viewer this helps us to track their points of view and also help to gauge our own opinions on the matter. A lot of the episodes are full of adrenaline and intrigue so I think these moments of calm help to provide a bit of clarity. Also, we really get to understand Ryan and Shane’s personalities a lot more. I feel like we really get to understand them as people.

unsolved evidence

Episode: The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel (Series 1, Episode 4)

In some episodes they go to the locations where the mysteries took place (these are my personal favourites) and in some they just sit in a room and tell the stories of what happened. These episodes in particular go into a lot more detail about concrete evidence about the case and also potential theories made up by Law Enforcers, Fans and Internet Detectives of what could have happened. Ryan and Shane present us with full and rounded information to help educate us on the matter, before forming their own opinions and helping guide us to make our own.

What I love most about this show is the humour and comedy. There is no falseness, if Ryan is scared, then he will show he is scared. When Shane thinks that Ryan’s theories are absolutely ridiculous (hint: anything to do with aliens), then he will say exactly that. I guess, as a person who loves ghost hunting programmes and conspiracy theories it’s nice to watch a show that doesn’t make you feel stupid for believing such things. Its fantastic that a show is finally presenting us with the truth, instead of a show that uses props and actors to create an effect (like some other well known shows of a similar nature.)

I have high praise for Ryan and Shane, I think they are fantastic, funny and great!

If you want to watch Buzzfeed: Unsolved Mysteries, you can find Series One and Series Two (which is halfway through at the moment) on YouTube now, or follow the link here to Series 1, Episode 1 called ‘The Mysterious Death Of The Somerton Man’.

My personal favourite episodes are linked below:

(In no particular order as I couldn’t chose between them!)

  1. The Haunted Decks of The Queen Mary
  2. 3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons 
  3. The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel 
  4. The Creepy Real-Life Men in Black
  5. The Haunted Halls of Waverly Hill Hospital 



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