Review: Mollie Makes Magazine

I have only discovered this magazine quite recently, but I absolutely love it. It is the perfect magazine for anyone who loves crafts, interior design and handmade goodies. I am going to talk you through my favourite pages from this issue. On a side note, there could have been so many more pages that I could have spoke about, but I had to narrow it down a little.

inside this issue

The issue I am reviewing is Issue 77. I believe this is their Easter/Spring issue.

I have read a few of these magazines now, and every time I have been so impressed with the photos and the different articles. The pages are always beautifully decorated, quirky and simply fun.

interior design

The interior decor sections are my favourite in the magazine. I love making crafts for my rooms as it makes it personal. It also makes for a great talking point when people come round. If you know that people are impressed with something that you have done, you could make them it as a gift!

get the look

Similarly, the ‘Get The Look’ section is also very useful. I love copper and rose gold at the moment so I was interested to see what different ornaments they suggested for this trend. I find that this magazine is always very current and fashion forward, however with a quirky homemade twist which I love.


The different crafts they have in the magazine are suitable for different skill levels. Some things are for beginners and some parts are for people who have already honed their craft. The wonderful thing about this magazine is that the pictures are so cute they inspire you to try new things.


The instructions are very clear and well worded so anyone will be able to follow them. Everything is made so obvious that just flicking through the pages makes you want to start a new project.


I loved this section about using flowers to create lots of different crafts. These ideas seem very simple as you can buy the different metal shapes from a shop and just decorate them. It doesn’t involve too much skill, but the outcome looks fantastic.


The magazine comes with different papers that match the theme of the issue. The papers in this one are all floral and based around Spring/Summer colours, I think they are very pretty.


At the back of each magazine there are the templates that you need to make the crafts, which is very helpful.

I hope you liked this walk-through of Mollie Makes Magazine. Like I said at the start there could have been so many more pages I could have spoke about, but these are my favourite ones. If you are interested in this magazine further, check out the magazine here.


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