Where In The World: Cornwall

This month I have decided to do Where In The World a bit closer to home, but still somewhere beautiful that I have always wanted to go. Cornwall is about a four hour drive from me, which isn’t too far at all.

To create this post, I used the Sunday Times Travel Magazine (June 2017) as they had a segment in their ‘Instant Escapes’ section all about visiting Cornwall.


After reading this article, what appealed to me most is the flexibility that a holiday to Cornwall can offer. Not just that, but any ‘staycation’ can be made as expensive or cheap, adventurous or relaxing as you like. You can also choose to travel around and stay in different accommodations or pick one place as a base and travel from there.


From the magazine article I picked out my favourite things of what they suggested people to do.

  1. Eden Project – The Eden Project is a beautiful place to go. It gives you the opportunity to view flowers and plants from all over the world in their wonderful and famous greenhouses. I think it would be really interesting to see more tropical plants from all over the world and learn about the environment and how to protect it. Because of this, if you travel to the Eden Project on foot, bike or public transport you can get a £4.00 discount. I think this is a wonderful initiative to get involved in.
  2. Learn To Surf –  Newquay is infamous for its amazing surf waves. It has been on my bucket list for a long time that I have always wanted to learn to surf. But not only are the beaches perfect for surfing you can look out for nature in the rock pools or indulge in the wonderful fish that the coastline produces in some perfect scenic cafes.
  3. Villages – I love travelling to new places to look for quaint and unusual villages. I love how the houses all look different and everything is so pretty. In the Sunday Times Travel magazine they recommend Padstow and having looked it up online I am now desperate to go there.
  4. Cream Tea – I love trying food when I go to new places. Obviously, being from England it’s not that exotic to try food from Cornwall, but I know I love scones so why not have a cream tea by the coast. I couldn’t imagine anything more scrumptious and lovely.

Have you ever been to Cornwall? Or just like me, have you always wanted to go? Let me know in the comments…


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