Travel Journal

If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen that today’s post is going to be about my new Travel Journal! If you don’t follow my page, give it a like here, and you will get loads more content and links to cool things I find!


The Travel Journal I chose is from Paperchase and cost £5.00. It is A6 size, so quite small but very thick. I thought it would be the perfect size for my hand luggage and rucksack on holiday.

Its pages are lined in blue, which I thought was very pretty and fit with the overall theme of the notebook nicely. I also really loved the saying on the front, ‘Say yes to new adventures’ is a perfect reminder to always try new things, especially whilst on holiday.


Today, I thought I would talk you through what I planned to fill the pages with. I will do a follow up post when I am back from all my adventures to show you the completed pages, and say what worked and what I would have done differently!

My Page Ideas:

  • Days of the Week: As it is a journal I will have a page for each day of the week. I might split the page up into thirds so I can write what I did in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Doodle Pages: I will mainly reserve these pages for the plane. I am a bit of an anxious flyer so will use these pages to just draw how I feel and try to calm down!
  • What I Ate: One holiday I am going on this year is to Italy and I love Italian food. I am excited to record my favourite meals so that when I am home, I can look up recipes and see if I can make a version of my own.
  • Street Style: One of my favourite thing about going on holiday is looking at the trends and fashion that people are wearing and how they are different to England. I will write down my favourite looks here.
  • Trips: I will leave some pages so I can write more detailed accounts of any trips I take.
  • Doors and Windows: I’ve seen this idea a lot on Pinterest. People draw or take pictures of their favourite doors and windows. I will certainly be giving this a go.
  • Tickets: This is a page where I can stick all my transport or attraction tickets.
  • Postcard: I absolutely love postcards. I am obsessed with them. I will get a few postcards and make a collage of my favourite parts.
  • Map: I love it when people take part of a map and make it into a shape, like a heart, I will definitely try something like this.
  • Conversations: I will write down any strange or funny conversations I hear or have with people!
  • Notes: Any ideas for blog posts that I have from the trip!

When I am home, I hope to change any pictures I have taken into a Polaroid, that way it will look prettier and fit the notebook pages a bit better!

I hope you like my ideas, if you have any other ideas for pages that I can do let me know in the comments and I will give them a try!



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