After my blog post about safety in the New Forest, I thought I would try and do a bit of a series over the summer to showcase all the wonderful places that are local to me. I don’t know how many posts there will be, as a lot of my day trips around the local area are quite spontaneous. But whenever I go somewhere new or interesting I will be sure to blog about it.


First of all in this local series is the seaside resort of Bournemouth. It has seven miles of beaches, and the main section of this is also home to Bournemouth Pier. On this pier you can do a zip wire, rock climbing but also indulge in a lot of classic pier amusements.


Bournemouth seafront has gone through a bit of a renovation recently and I think it has greatly improved the area. What they have started to do is bring back classic seaside attractions such as a fairground but also build new and exciting rides like the Bournemouth Big Wheel which will run over the summer months ( 25th March to 5th September 2017).


Just up from the seafront is Bournemouth Lower Gardens, this is a beautiful walk that takes you up to the main high-street. From the gardens you can also see the famous ballrooms. Within the gardens themselves there is an aviary which is home to a lot of exotic birds.


There are also lots of places you can eat located in the gardens. My favourite and the place me and my family tend to head to most is called Picnic Park Deli. Here they serve the most delicious ice-cream but also other treats like sandwiches and toasties. They also hold a lot of interesting events which I think is really great, just by looking at their Facebook page (that I linked above) I have seen that they’ve done a Yoga session and also had a saxophone player come and perform.

ice cream.jpg

Once you get through the gardens, you reach the high-street. This is where you can do a lot of your shopping. The high-street is home to typical shops, Primark, Debenhams and New Look for example. This is a lovely walk if you wanted to break up the day and just have a stroll around.


However, sometimes I think you can’t beat a simplistic stroll on the beach. Bournemouth is wonderful for this as a lot of walks and routes are clearly labelled for pedestrians. If not simply follow the beachfront promenade and admire all the colourful beach huts.

beach huts

If all that walking sounds a bit tiring, you could catch the little train that drives up and down the front. This is a novel and fun way to explore this part of the coast.


Bournemouth in the summer sun is incredibly colourful and puts you in such a happy mood. I like the mix of activities they have, the traditional fairground alongside a modern high street. You would never get bored on a visit here, whether you are coming for a day trip or a weeks holiday, Bournemouth provides a great base. There is plenty for you to do here and it is easy to explore other areas from here too!



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