Hobbycraft Haul

Today I thought I would show you a few of the items I bought the other day when I went to Hobbycraft.

There aren’t too many items, I was mainly shopping for a craft that I hope to do when I am back from Italy. I will let you know my plans a bit further on in this post.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I could spend almost all my money in Hobbycraft, there are always so many bits I find so interesting. So today’s post is actually quite good by my standards, otherwise it could easily go on and on and on…

Clearance Section

Hobbycraft always have wonderful offers, so look out for those online and in-store. However, I also love rummaging through the clearance corner that my local store has. I find this the most inspiring area. It either gives you ideas for a whole new project, or takes your existing one in a whole new direction.

Obviously, you may not be able to find what I purchased in your stores as clearance sections do vary. But do have a rummage, and see what you can find!


100 Sheet Block Notepad – Was £5.00 now £2.50

paper sheets

2 Sheets of Scrapbook Paper, these sheets are double sided, so I have four designs in total! – 0.40p altogether!

The craft I am hoping to make with this is (you may have guessed it) a memories photo frame. I’ve seen a lot of these on Pinterest and I really want to make one of my memories from Italy. Every time I go on holiday I try and make something new from what I buy there, on my old blog I did a post on my memory jar, so I will copy that onto this blog soon!

I have also made an Emily’s Voyage Pinterest page, so take a look at my board there to see other holiday crafts that you could do. And also see the photo frames that have inspired me!

Be back Friday with another #HomeAwayFromHome post!


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