#HomeAwayFromHome – Part 3

Thank you so much for all your support with #HomeAwayFromHome. Today we have another bunch of amazing stories for you!

If you would like to take part in this series, either comment on the post or send me an email emilysvoyage@gmail.com. In the email include a picture and short bit of writing explaining why the place you chose is special to you. 


“This past summer I went to Los Angeles and I felt a sense of nostalgia and I felt like I was where I’m supposed to be.”

Instagram: @inklordphotography


“One of my most unusual homes was in Zhanjiang, China. I was living next to the ocean on the 22nd floor. It was completely different from anything I ever knew before but somehow it became my home. Now I often wish that my Chinese home wouldn’t be so far away, that I could just jump on a quick airplane ride and visit. In reality in’s about a 50 hour trip. But one day, I will return!”

Instagram: @majazaa

Facebook: Maja Zaa

Website: majazaa.com


“Its incredible that you can travel half way across the world into an entirely different culture, where you can hardly speak a word to each other. Yet, I decided that i would take a gift with me for the locals – a football. The embrace I received in return was unparalleled to anything I’ve experienced before or since. When people have nothing they seem to give everything that’s important, and made me feel so welcome into their village and homes. For that moment when we played football in the jungle we had such a mutual understanding, it was like we were no different from one another.” – Sam


“This is me on top of mt Roy doing the Roys peak walk in Wanaka, New Zealand.

New Zealand is my home away from home ever since i studied and worked there for 3 years. It makes me feel so good being there and enjoying the kiwi lifestyle! The people, nature, adrenaline activities, everything is just totally me! Love it :-).”

Facebook: www.facebook.com/travellingfitgirl

Instagram: www.instagram.com/travelling.fitgirl


“When I first arrived to London I didn’t feel anything. But as the days started passing over, something happened inside of me. And then I realised I was completely in love..You taught me how  we can live together in harmony regardless of our language, our colour or our way of being…You also taught me that we can live in order, without being too hard on ourselves..  London, that’s why I feel you like home. Thank you.”
Instagram: @jorgepablo16


“I do not think about a place like home often nor was I ever being homesick quickly. In every place I stay, whether short or long term, somehow I consider home the place where I put down my stuff and rest my head on a pillow. It is not connected to people or places only. Because if my family moves away from our childhood place, I am not at home in my parent’s new house only because they are there. Also I still feel home in my old neighbourhood when I visit without my family there. So what is home related to? I am not sure. All I know is: I take home with me wherever I go. Because it is inside of me and not outside.” 
Instagram: @wunderlander.eu
Facebook: Wunderlander


“It’s that feeling you get when you walk in the door somewhere and you feel like you’ve been there before. It’s familiar yet foreign and you’re surrounded by so many things that excite your soul even when you live thousands of kilometres away. The vibrancy, the warm and friendly people, the splashes of colour everywhere, those toe tapping beats, that humid heat, the endless beauty is always around you and you feel safe, you feel like you’ve been here before because Cuba to me feels like home.”

Instagram: @em.doss

 Dropbox: More Photos Here


“My name is Neha and I am a traveller who quit her regular job in order to travel, photograph and blog! I am from England and am currently living in Mumbai. I have travelled to many places but the place that I can call my second home is Mumbai. It is the place where I moved in order to work, become independent and what not! 
I came to Mumbai with multiple doubts of whether I’ll even be able to live here for a year but as it turned out, I’ll be completing 5 years in this very city! Mumbai has welcomed me with all its heart and I don’t see any place which can replace Mumbai for me as of now.”
Instagram: @travelwithneha


Thank you so much to all the bloggers and photographers who shared their story today. There will be more stories released on Sunday! I never thought so many people would reply that I would need this many parts, I am so grateful.

Look forward to sharing the remaining stories with you on Sunday.


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