#HomeAwayFromHome – Part 4

This will be the last #HomeAwayFromHome post for a while. But they will come back again later in the year, so if you do want to take part, leave a comment or send me an email – emilysvoyage@gmail.com, including a photo and short piece of writing about the place that makes you feel at home.

Thank you so much for everyone’s support on this amazing project. It turned out to be so interesting. 


“This is a recent solo trip I took to Hvar, Croatia and couldn’t have felt more at home. It was like I was right back on my porch in New Hampshire overlooking the lake writing and drinking a beer. Perfection.” 

Website: ry3dunn.com

Instagram: @ry3dunn


“I’m currently doing my first season working abroad and have been placed on a small campsite in the Dordogne, France. Despite not knowing anyone, I felt completely comfortable with the area as well as the campsite itself. It feels like home because the majority of customers are British which is a great way to hear the stories from the UK plus, the other couriers are so welcoming and encourage me to explore the area. The nearest town is Sarlat-la-Canéda – a medieval town which hasn’t changed much since with little alley ways everywhere as well as the main square which is surrounded by cafes and bars. The town hold markets every Saturday which attracts many tourists including myself.” – Jess


“Umbertide, Italy
The culture was so welcoming, the pace of life was slower, and it just resonated with me– I realised that this is how I want to live my life.” 
Instagram: @tranirena
Facebook: ItProductions


“Ecuador opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and quickly became a home away from home.”

Instagram: @lifebychipsahoyt

Website: https://chipsahoytblog.wordpress.com/


“Colors, culture, nature, sports, music, sea and fun: all in one extraordinary city, Barcelona! I felt home there just some hours after I landed. I was walking through the sunny streets in Tibidabo, which I knew only thanks to great Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s books, drinking a Boqueria’s juice, and I felt like i was finally in the right Place. What a cool experience <3”

Instagram: @liacaporin


“I feel at home in Seoul because of the diversity of things to do here. I can go hiking on the weekends, see stunning views and drink local liquor up there with the locals. I can visit Hongdae for shopping and browsing at the local art market where university students display their handmade jewelry, purses and paint clients’ portraits. I can visit ancient palaces and massive fortress walls and gates doted around the city. I can wonder through the central streets downtown and stumble on cultural performances, drumming, royal processions, ancient singing styles, dance and others which are mesmerising to watch.”

Facebook: Travel and Tash

Website: Travel and Tash

A Final Story:

“I found Ireland to be like the people there–enduring charming, and lovely. I was always “most welcome” each place I stopped. The mountains were spectacular and I felt like I was on top of the world. Every place I visited up and down the coast had a story and each person I met could tell me the history of Ireland without missing a beat! Each story sounded the same, but also held it’s own twist. I visited gravesites and churches, pubs and brewing factories.
We also visited Cabra castle  and stayed in a haunted room!  Ireland wouldn’t be complete without staying in a castle that was haunted.  We saw the Writer’s Well, and W. B. Yeats tombstone. The Ring of Kerry was dizzying but exquisitely beautiful and the food was amazing!” – Dancing Rabbit Studio RI


Thanks again to everyone who has taken part in this amazing project! Without all of your support and contributions it wouldn’t have been possible. Like I said at the start I will be continuing the project again later in the year.

If you want to get involved next time feel free to get in touch!


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