How To Visit… Pompeii

I have just returned back from a lovely holiday in Italy. We did so many different day trips and I am going to share them all with you on my blog. I will do an overall post about Italy in general, once I have finished the more detailed ones!

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First, I am going to talk to you about the trip we did to Pompeii. From where we stayed in Sant’Agnello a train to Pompeii took between half an hour and forty five minutes. The Circumvesuviana trains were so simple to get. It was my first time in Italy and I didn’t struggle at all. The ticket price was around €4.90 for a return. You buy the tickets at the train station, from a person in a ticket booth. But you must activate the ticket on the station platform. This is a rather unknown but vital step to the journey. Simply buying the ticket does not mean that you can jump on the train.

On each platform there are little boxes on the wall that you put your tickets in and it stamps the location, date and time. Without doing this, the ticket is not legal. 

You only need to stamp the ticket you are using for that journey, the return ticket you will stamp when you’re coming back. In this case, you stamp the return ticket at Pompei Scavi-Villa dei Misteri.


Once you get off the train at Pompei Scavi-Villa dei Misteri there are ticket sellers immediately outside to the left. We did use one of these operators for our trip to Vesuvius, but I will talk about that in a different post. For our Pompeii visit, we didn’t choose to go on a guided tour, however that option is there if you do want to. They seemed very friendly and professional. The ticket price to enter Pompeii was €13. For a guided tour the prices vary depending on the length of time you want the guide for.


We didn’t chose to do a guided tour option, as we wanted to stroll round at our own pace. Once you have bought your tickets, there is a little information room to the right, if you go in there you will find guide books in your language. The book was so thick and packed full of information. We were able to successfully navigate the large city of Pompeii and all its cobbled streets with ease using the maps and information in this book.

Obviously, going with a guide would provide you with a more professional experience. But for us, we were quite happy just wandering round ourselves.


There are toilets and one restaurant in Pompeii, and these were all clean and lovely. I was also so impressed that they’d manage to build all the ‘tourist necessities’ relatively out of site from the buildings. I thought that this was brilliant, as that way the sheer magnitude of the surroundings didn’t get ruined.


I would recommend wearing good walking shoes/trainers if you are planning to go to Pompeii as it is a full scale city with lots of streets. It takes a long time to get round if you are doing it on your own. Also take a water bottle, as there are lots of fountains scattered around that you can use to refill at different points. Finally, the obvious is to take a hat and wear suncream. Pompeii is incredibly open and you will be out in the sun for most of the day. It may be best to take a small bag/rucksack with you, as you do not want anything heavy weighing you round on your walk! There are also wheelchair access paths round the site.


It goes without saying that the buildings and roads are very old, so are therefore a bit uneven, you do need to keep focused a lot of the time as you can trip over a fair bit. Also, be respectful if you take food with you, there are plenty of bins for you to put your rubbish in. The whole site of Pompeii has been immaculately kept and restored, so it would be good to keep it that way!

Keep your eyes peeled, on every street and in every house, there is bound to be something fascinating that will take your breath away.


This was one of my favourite trips of the whole holiday. I think it is hard not be impressed by the sheer magnitude of it all. I would easily recommend this trip to anyone! I had a wonderful time.

I will be doing some more Italy posts over the next few weeks. But in the meantime do follow my Instagram page as I am posting lots of pictures there!

If you have any questions about this trip, or any of the others, ask me in the comments or send me an email – – I am in no way a professional travel agent but may be able to help answer some questions!

Thank you!


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