How to Visit… Positano

On my trip I visited the two beautiful towns of Amalfi and Positano. These are two incredibly scenic and coastal locations, that are famous worldwide for the cliff-side houses.

If you are going to the Sorrento region of Italy, it would be foolish not to visit both or at least one of these beautiful towns.

In this post, I will mainly be focusing on Positano, with the Amalfi post coming Friday!


I managed to visit them both in one day, as the holiday was only one week, I was under some time constraints to make sure that I got everything done. We found a boat trip via our travel operator (Thomson) that allowed us to spend two hours in each place. However, if you are travelling independently, you can easily get to the Marina Piccola and buy tickets for the ferries. I say easily, but Sorrento is high on top of the cliff and the harbour is right at the bottom, so there are a lot of steps down!


Although, typically the most popular mode of transport to get to Amalfi and Positano is the coastal drive, I decided that a ferry would be better as you would get to see more of the beautiful cliffs and villas from the water side. Also, as the temperature was quite hot, it made a nice break to be on the sea and catch some of the breeze.

The ferry was a hop on and hop off service that ran on time and was very easy to navigate. The crew of the ferry made it very clear where we should all meet back and at what time.


The first stop of this trip was Positano. When comparing the two locations this one was smaller and relatively less busy. The main high street with the shops and restaurants on climbs backwards away from the beach, but it isn’t too steep! Plus, there are lots of lovely places to stop and lots of pretty things to look at on the way up. It was incredibly beautiful here, the whitewashed houses were coated in purple flowers and it just felt so relaxing.

In Positano I tried a local delicacy, Lemon Slushie! As it was quite a hot day I was delighted when I found this drink that was full of ice. It was kind of like a lemon sorbet melted down a bit so you could either drink it or eat it with a spoon. It is made with ice, lemon juice, lemon rind and sugar. It was delicious and so refreshing.  As the Sorrento area is famed for it’s lemons I really wanted to try something and the flavour really did pack a punch. This delicious treat was €2 for a whole cup and I bought it from a street vendor.


After walking through the streets and doing some shopping my friends and I had built up quite an appetite. We made our way back to the sea front to look for a restaurant. There were so many amazing ones that we could have chosen from, but we ended up in a small place, just up an alley called Capricci. We sat in a shaded patio area that looked out over the sea. The staff were so friendly and we had a delicious meal here. I thought it was incredibly well-priced, especially as I was warned very heavily before that Italy is a pricey holiday. I thought the prices of things were actually pretty good.


If I had more time, and now that I know how the ferry service works, I would have happily caught a ferry round to Positano and spent the whole day there, without having to do the split trip. It would have been nice to venture further and see more of this beautiful location.


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