How to visit… Amalfi

This is the second part of my day trip post to Amalfi and Positano, if you want to see part one then follow the link here.

As I mentioned in the previous post, me and my friends managed to find a day trip that allowed us to spend two hours in each location. It was a boat trip as well, which we were all excited about. Although people say the Amalfi Coastal Drive is the most incredible way to see all the sites, we found that travelling by boat meant we could see all the famous cliff houses perfectly.


We visited Amalfi in the late afternoon but it was still incredibly busy. When comparing Amalfi and Positano together, I would say that they look quite similar but Amalfi is the larger and busier of the two. When you get off the ferry in Amalfi you need to head towards the arch as the bulk of shops and restaurants are up behind that. You can then follow the main road back and dip in and out of all the little shops.


A good piece of advice to help you navigate Amalfi is always look for the cathedral. If you can see the cathedral tower then you know that you aren’t too far away from the seafront. We did have a look inside the cathedral and I would really recommend it. Much like the outside, the inside is just as beautiful.


There is a small outside garden which is lovely, but the main appeal for me was the crypt. It was downstairs a little bit, but the room itself was beautiful, it was a bit like an Aladdin’s cave of treasures. The ceiling was highly decorated and gold glitter just shone through every wall. Photo’s do not do any justice to the beauty and splendour of this room.


Whilst in Amalfi the temperature was very hot so we decided to stop for ice-cream (not that we needed a lot of persuading!). And I have to say, gelato in Italy is delicious on a whole new level! You don’t have to travel too far before you see a gelato shop which is great and I would thoroughly recommend trying some.

On the seafront there are also a lot of bars and restaurants to have a rest. Whilst we were waiting for the ferry home, we wanted to find somewhere to sit in the shade, but also do a bit of people watching. We found a lovely little bar and restaurant called Stella Maris Di Esposito, which looked as though it also had its own section of beach that went with it. Now I know what to expect when travelling to Amalfi, I would definitely head back there and spend some more time relaxing on the beach as well as looking round the shops. The cocktails here were delicious and the staff were lovely!


Italy is a fascinating place to go, and I loved visiting both Positano and Amalfi. I wouldn’t be able to tell you which was my favourite, as they both had different appeals. If you’re going to Italy soon, or planning a holiday there I would definitely consider both of these options!

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