My Holiday Box Frame

Today’s post is going to be quite a small one, but I wanted to talk to you about how I made a box frame all about my holiday to Italy.


Firstly, I chose a paper that I wanted to use as the backing. I think it is best to use neutral colours, that way it won’t distract from the items that you want to put in there. However, I have seen some online that use postcards in the background and they look really lovely too! I got this paper backing in the clearance section of Hobbycraft.


I drew round the frame and used this as a stencil, so that the paper backing would be the right size. I found that double sided tape was the best way too attach all the parts of the frame.


I found these really lovely photo frame stickers. These were really useful and make your ‘normal’ photos look like the vintage Polaroid’s that are in style now. These were so easy to use and I would love to get some again. They’d be great to use for gifts, I know my friends would love them!


Finally, I placed everything down to see if my chosen layout would fit the frame. This can sometimes be a bit of a process to make sure everything works, but its lovely to see the finished product. After this, you can attach everything down and reassemble the frame. It is that easy!

Scroll down for the products used and prices! 

You can use any holiday memorabilia in your frame, but choose the items that mean the most to you. In my frame I used the following items:

  • Two Photos
  • A Fridge Magnet
  • A Funicular Ticket

I was thinking it would be really cool to buy a large box frame and fill it with different fridge magnets from every trip. Obviously, it would take a long time to fill it up, but it would be an incredibly personal and quirky piece to remember all your holidays by .

header image

  • Box Frame – £6.00 – Hobbycraft
  • Double Sided Tape – £1.00 – Hobbycraft
  • Polaroid Photo Frames – £1.80 – Hobbycraft
  • Camera Backing Paper – 50p – Hobbycraft (Clearance Section)




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